Step 1: Design Yourself!

Unleash your creative self with our 2 clever interactive tools, Styler and Presets. Styler lets you choose furniture, wall and floor colours to visualise a room in seconds. Presets takes the dimensions of your current room and creates a new kitchen in minutes. Give them a try, there’s nothing to lose!

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Step 2: Book a virtual appointment

Simply click here to book a virtual appointment with one of our experienced designers. We’ll gather all your “must haves” from an aesthetic and practical point of view and you can use your experience from step 1 to help guide us!

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Step 3: Interactive design

Using the information you gave us in step 2, we’ll create a stunning new kitchen for you in front of your eyes as we use the latest design and screen share technology. Want to change your mind on colour or move a unit? We’ll do it while we talk because this is your kitchen, not ours and you’ll see the changes as we make them. If you do have a plan already from another retailer that you liked but hadn’t committed to, why not upload it and see what we can do for you on price and quality?

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Step 4: Pricing - What you see is what you get

One of the best things about considering a kitchen from home is you don’t feel pressured into making a decision. Jonas & James kitchens offer the best value for money on the national market as you’d expect at The Range. You pay the price we show you which we’re happy to itemise, it’s perfect for buying online.

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Step 5: Ordering & Payment

If you’re happy to proceed then so are we! We’ll talk you through all your payment options including our 0% finance package and you won’t have to leave your home. We can then deliver your new kitchen from as quick as 5 days to whenever you’re ready.

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