Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your order, we are so pleased you have chosen one of our fabulous new Jonas & James Kitchens. We know that selecting the right kitchen is a big decision and it is important that it meets both your functional and style needs. Please take a moment to review the following terms and conditions and if you are happy to proceed, we would be delighted to process your order and to take you one step closer to your brand new kitchen.

These Terms and Conditions, together with any and all other documents or links referred to herein, set out the terms under which your purchase of goods relates.

For our full Terms and Conditions please see www.therange.co.uk/terms-and-conditions

About Us

Jonas & James and Our Stores are operated by CDS (Superstores International) Limited, trading as The Range, a limited company registered in England under 02699203, whose registered address is The Range Head Office, William Prance Road, Derriford, Plymouth, PL6 5ZD. Our VAT number is 591272335.


3rd Party means someone appointed by You independently and not in any way associated with Us.
Accessories means items such as handles, lighting, fitted storage
Appliance means items such as oven, fridge, freezer, hob
Delivery Charge means the amount You will be charged to receive Your Goods
Delivery Date means the date or approximate date window provided to advise You of when Your Goods will be delivered to You
Goods means the goods sold by Us to You
Itemised Order Form means the Document You will received as confirmation of Your Order which will contained an Itemised breakdown of the items You have Ordered
Order means Your Order for the Goods You intend to purchase from Us
Ownership means when the goods are delivered to You and You are in receipt of the goods
Special Order means an Order that is unique to Your design, Your kitchen size, shape and Your functionality requirements. Your chosen colour, style and formation of units and contains one or more of the following, any carcass, door, panel, drawer or worktop, appliance, tile, flooring.
Standard Order means an Order containing accessories only
Virtual Reality Design means the images You will be provided to illustrate an image of Your proposed design
We, Us, Our means CDS (Superstores International) Limited trading as The Range, a limited company registered in England number 02699203, whose registered address is The Range Head Office, William Prance Road, Derriford, Plymouth, PL6 5ZD
You, Your means You or Your appointed person

1. Your Order

1.1 To assist You with Your kitchen selection We offer a specialist measuring and design service, this service is offered Free of Charge and You are under no obligation to accept Our design.

1.2 You may also measure and design Your own kitchen, or You may appoint an independent 3rd Party to complete the measurements and design on Your behalf without Our services.

1.3 All reasonable care will be taken to ensure that the measurements We take are accurate and that Your Order meets the design and requirements which You have either asked Us to provide or You have provided. It is Your responsibility to ensure that where You or Your chosen 3rd Party have completed the design and measurements, that they are accurate and correct. We accept no liability for discrepancies or errors where You or Your chosen 3rd Party have made an error in measurements or design. We fully exclude all liability permissible by law for any loss or damage caused to the Goods or any of Your property as a result of You providing measurements and designs to Us.

1.4 We offer
       i. A Standard Order – this is an Order containing accessories only.
       ii. A Special Order – this is a kitchen that is designed specifically based upon Your kitchen size, shape and Your functionality requirements. You can select Your chosen colour, range and any formation of units You require. A Special Order contains one or more of the following, any carcass, door, panel, drawer or worktop, appliance, tile, floor.

1.5 Before proceeding with Your Order, please ensure that You are happy with the following, this is not an exhaustive list
      i. The visual design and functionality
      ii. The style
      iii. The colour
      iv. The finish
      v. Compatibility with new or existing appliances
      vi. Accessories such as handles or lighting

1.6 Once these Terms are accepted and You are happy to proceed with Your Order, Your Order shall be placed and deemed as accepted at which point You will be unable to make any alterations.

1.7 Your Order will be provided to You on an Itemised Order Form containing the items that You have purchased, as well as the price paid, a copy of Your Virtual Reality design and installation plan. You must retain this information for Your records should You need to discuss Your Order with Us in the future.

1.8 We will confirm and agree Your delivery date at the time of placing Your Order. If You later wish to amend this date please see section 3 Change of Mind.

1.9 If You identify any error or discrepancy upon receiving Your delivery, You, must notify Us as soon as possible and in any case within 14 days.

2. Payment

2.1 You must pay for Your Order in full at the time of placing Your Order.

2.2 Payment can be made via
      i. Cash
      ii. Card
      iii. Finance (if approved at the time of application)

2.3 Your total balance will be for the full value of the Goods You have Ordered and will include the Delivery Charge. Your total balance will also be inclusive of Your 10% deposit. If paying via Finance, the 10% deposit will be required via an alternative method of payment such as cash or card, leaving the remaining 90% to be paid via finance (and any additional charges that may be applicable depending of the finance option selected by You)

2.4 Your Order will not be dispatched to You until the balance has been paid in full, or arrangements have been made via a finance provider to cover the balance in full.

2.5 We have the right to cancel or refuse delivery of the Goods if the full payment is not made by You to Us.

2.6 The price quoted at the time of placing Your Order is the price that You agree to pay and no changes to the price can be made after the Order has been placed, should the price go up or down after You have placed Your Order.

3.  Change of Mind

3.1 You may only Change Your Mind or alter part or all of Your Order up to 14 days prior to the proposed delivery of Your Order.

3.2 You may not Change Your Mind or alter part or all of Your Order after 14 days before the proposed delivery date.

3.3 If You wish to add additional items to Your Order after 14 days before Your proposed delivery, You may do so as a separate Order. We cannot guarantee that any additional Orders will arrive at the same time as the original Order but will work with You to notify You of possible options where applicable.

3.4 If You wish to add additional items to Your Order prior to 14 days before Your proposed deliver we will endeavour to add these to Your existing Order. Where this is not possible the additional parts will be fulfilled as a separate Order and Delivery.

3.5 We are unable to guarantee that any additional items Ordered after the original Order will be from the same batch and it is possible that any additional items may have a slight colour, grain or finish variation.

4.  Cancellation & Refunds

4.1 You are unable to cancel any Order, which is a Special Order such as our Paint to Order service once You have placed the Order and agreed to pay for it.

4.2 If You wish to cancel a Standard Order You must do so as soon as possible and in any event within 14 days prior to Your delivery date.

4.3 You are unable to cancel Your Standard Order after 7 days prior to delivery.

4.4 Any refund owed to You will be made via the same method of payment, unless both parties agree to a suitable alternative and when the Goods have been confirmed as within Our possession.

4.5 To receive a refund, You may be required to return to the store in which the original payment was made. All paperwork given as part of Your Order pack must also be returned.

4.6 If Your original Order was paid via Finance, You will be required to attend the store in which the finance was completed to arrange for it to be cancelled. We accept no liability whatsoever for cancelled finance agreements or the effect it may have on future applications and all costs associated with a cancelled finance agreement must be borne by You.

4.7 Where additional charges have been incurred by You as a result of Your cancellation, such as but not limited to Delivery charges and Collection charges, You will be required to pay for these fees via an alternative method of payment such as cash or card. Once these fees have been paid the finance agreement will be cancelled.

5.  Damages

5.1 All reasonable care and attention will be taken to ensure that Your Order arrives with You in a safe, protected and undamaged condition. Please check Your delivery at the time of receipt and report any identified damages to the delivery driver at the time of receipt.

5.2 Where damages are notified at the time of delivery the driver may wish to open the box to establish if the goods inside are damaged. If the goods are damaged the driver will retain the damaged item and will notify Us to allow for Us to Order You a replacement.

5.3 Where the outer box is damaged but on inspection the item is not damaged, the delivery driver will leave the goods with You.

5.4 Where damage was not immediately apparent at the time of delivery please notify Us as soon as possible and within 14 days of delivery of the damaged item, quoting the product details from the packaging. We will arrange to have a replacement item delivered to You as quickly as possible.

5.5 Where damages are not reported within 14 days, We may request photographs of the damage to ensure that the damage has not been caused whilst in Your possession or at the time of installation.

5.6 We cannot be held liable for goods that are damaged during installation or any items that are damaged by You or Your appointed 3rd Party.

5.7 Any goods that are damaged by You or Your 3rd Party can be replaced by placing a new Order for the parts. We will endeavour to delivery these as quickly as possible to You upon receipt of payment.

5.8 The delivery fee for the replacement item/s as a result of damage by You or Your 3rd Party will vary dependant on the quantity of items being delivered but will not exceed £35.00.

5.9 Re-Delivery of Damaged Goods reported on delivery or identified within 14 days will be delivered to You free of charge.

5.10 At Our sole discretion and for small items and accessories, for Your convenience we may be able to have replacements delivered to Our store for You to collect if this is a more convenient option for You.

6.  Delivery

6.1 All Orders will be manufactured to Your Special requirements and delivered to You directly from the manufacturer using a 2-man delivery service. (Excludes some small Standard Orders where accessories are sold separately)

6.2 It is Your responsibility to provide Us with any details regarding any delivery restrictions or considerations, such as but not limited to,
        1. Delivery above or below ground floor
        2. Steps leading to the property
        3. Narrow or limited access roads
        4. Inability to park at the property
        5. Causing an obstruction if parked at the property
        6. Narrow, winding or low hallways, doorways, staircases or corridors

6.3 It is Your responsibility to ensure the delivery drivers have safe and unobstructed access to the location of delivery. You must ensure that You have removed any and all obstacles or breakable items. We and the delivery provider accept no liability for damage caused as a result of items left in the pathway of delivery.

6.4 You will receive a telephone call or text message the day prior to delivery to notify You of the AM or PM time slot. If the time and or date provided is not suitable, You must inform the delivery providers and Us as soon as possible to prevent a failed delivery attempt and the associated costs of this.

6.5 Any delivery date/time accepted by You which cannot be fulfilled will result in a failed delivery and a fee of £150.00 being charged to You and will need to be paid in full by You to us before a second delivery can be attempted.

6.6 You or someone over the age of 18 must be at the property to accept delivery. Any person at the property who is not You, will be considered authorised by You to accept the delivery on Your behalf.

6.7 The Delivery Drivers have the right to refuse delivery if it was not notified at the time of placing the Order of any considerations that need to be made prior to delivery, such as those listed but not limited to those in 6.2.

6.8 Any delivery that is refused by the delivery driver as a result of failure to notify of any delivery considerations or their inability to gain safe access to the location of delivery will result in the delivery being recorded as a failed delivery.

6.9 Any attempted delivery where You or a person over the age of 18 is not present to accept the delivery will be deemed as a failed delivery.

6.10 Please consider the largest item that You have Ordered and ensure that the item can enter Your property with ease, if the item cannot safely be delivered the item will either be left with You at the point of entry, or it will be taken back with the delivery driver at the drivers sole discretion.

6.11 At the time of delivery, the goods will be booked into Your possession where You will take Ownership of the goods. There will be a delivery note provided with the delivery. It is Your responsibility to check the number of items delivered matches the delivery note provided. The driver will sign to confirm delivery and You will be required to sign to confirm receipt.

6.12 If any goods are identified missing or damaged You have 14 days to inform us. Please note the missing items and inform Your kitchen designer or local showroom who will arrange for replacements to be issued within 48hours or 2 working days subject to availability.

6.13 Please refer to section 6 regarding damages.

6.14 Where We have failed to fulfil a delivery through no fault of Yours, You will not be charged for the failed delivery and We will rebook delivery as soon as possible.

6.15 We cannot be held responsible for failed deliveries which occur due to situations outside of our control, such as but not limited to, traffic disruptions, weather, mechanical failure, staff shortages.

7. Faulty Goods & Aftercare

7.1 Up to the point of installation You may contact Us with any questions, queries or assistance that You may require regarding Your purchase.

7.2 For Kitchen units, worktops and accessory after care queries You can contact Your kitchen designer or by visiting Your local Jonas & James store of purchase. Equally You can contact The Range Customer services. Please visit www.therange.co.uk/contactus

7.3 For branded appliances which have an extended warranty, it is Your responsibility to ensure that You register and activate Your extended warranty as per the instructions provided with the goods. We cannot be held liable for any failures or delays in You doing so.

7.4 Each of the appliances will have their own Aftercare Specialists team and You are to contact them directly using the details provided with the appliance should You have any query or cause of concern regarding an appliance.

7.5 Where a defect is identified, You must notify the appropriate Aftercare Specialists as soon as possible and before installation of the goods. We cannot be held liable for goods that may have a defect but continue to be installed and or used.

7.6 For defects that are apparent after installation, You must notify the appropriate Aftercare Specialists as soon as possible and You must cease using the item until advice has been sought.

7.7 Please ensure that when contacting the Aftercare Specialists that You have Your Order details to hand, You may be asked to confirm Your Order details and product number to identify the item in question.

7.8 The Aftercare Specialists may require photographs of the defect.

8. 10 Year Warranty

8.1 Our 10 Year Warranty covers Your Kitchen units only, against manufacturing Defects for a period of 10 years from the point of delivery.

8.2 You are not covered by the warranty for damages or wear and tear.

8.3 Your 10 Year Warranty is not applicable to appliances or accessories including but not limited to hinges, runners, lighting, flooring and built in storage.

9. Privacy & Your Personal Information

9.1  For full details regarding Our Privacy Policy please refer to www.therange.co.uk/privacy-policy/ and section 9 of Our full Terms and Conditions www.therange.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/